Sunday, September 11, 2011


by Lynne Brandon

"The breezes taste of apple peel. The air is full of smells to feel - ripe fruit, old footballs, Burning brush, new books, erasers, chalk, and such. The bee, his hive, well-honeyed hum, And Mother cuts chrysanthemums. Like plates washed clean with suds, the days are polished with a morning haze." - John Updike

For those that bemoan the passing of summer and all its glories, fall is a tonic that goes down well. I am one such mourner of the putting away of flip-flops, shorts, vine-ripened tomato sandwiches, watermelons, and all that spells summer. The gentle breezes of September work soothing magic on those like me who will miss the mercury climbing high each day but acknowledge that cooling down is not a bad thing.

After all, from September we get apple pies, pumpkins, home made soup, and the wearing of leather jackets and boots. Those of us who love words on pages welcome the “back to school” feeling in the air for the adult learner. Paper is on sale and sharpened pencils stand at attention in Mason jars in the South. Bonfires, football games and the drinking of hot cider beckon. The world is truly my oyster in the fall when the shelled jewel of the sea makes a return to the table.

It’s not all bad to put the tanned foot in a leather boot, all covered up for awhile. It is nature’s course and so it shall be for now. Go with it and experience a new season of smells, sights, tastes, and sounds that spell the wonderful month of September.

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